Recalling my knowledge

I've implemented a process for recording the things I learn in the form of questions and answers, using the active recall technique. I document how I use the latex exam class to generate worksheets with and without the answers.

How to call TensorFlow models in Scala

Serializing a TensorFlow model to Onnx in order to call it from Scala.

How to use GitHub Actions to update a Jekyll blog

Configuring a GitHub Action to deploy updates to my blog.

How to perform Metaprogramming in Scala

Introduction to metaprogramming, with a specific example using Scala to generate a case class to describe the schema of a dataset.

My personal blog deployment

The architecture I use to deploy my personal blog

How to write tests in Postgres

Writing simple tests in Postgres without requiring extra dependencies.

Org-mode and Terraform

Using org mode to generate documentation and infrastructure.

Org-mode and SQL

Literate programming with org-mode and sql

How to Upsert DataFrames into Postgres safely.

A script for upserting data from Pandas DataFrames into Postgres safely.

How to Classify data with Python

Using scikit-learn and some Python features to set up a machine learning pipeline to quantify the efficiency of different classifers for classifying the movement of a stock price.

Calculating covariance matrices with Python

I wanted to use lower level linear algebra constructs in Python to calculate a covariance matrix.

How to reduce the memory used by Pandas DataFrames

A script illustrating how the memory usage of a pandas DataFrame can be reduced through altering data types.

Best Python packages for MVP development

Some useful Python packages and how they fit into my work.

Useful Postgres techniques

Some notes on useful SQL commands and when they might be useful.

When should you use the JSONB type in Postgres?

A review of different sources on when JSONB is suitable for use.

Best Textbooks for learning Data Science

Some of the books I have read which might be useful for Data Science.

Reconstructing a point set from a Euclidean Distance Matrix

Recovering point locations from vectors.

A review of Matrix Methods in Data Analysis

A review of the MIT 18.065 Spring 2018 opencourseware course, instructed by Gilbert Strang.

How to practice for coding interviews

Some resources that I use to practice for passing coding interviews.

Numerical Linear Algebra Cookbook

A review of numerical linear algebra for machine learning.

Linear Algebra for Data Science Cookbook

A review of mathematical concepts helpful for data science.

Uncertainty analysis literature review

A review of the literature on uncertainty and sensitivity analysis when applied to optimisation models.