Best Python packages for MVP development

Thomas Dickson

4 minute read

I use Python quite a lot as part of my job as an data engineer/scientist/backend magician. This page describes various packages that I’ve found useful and what I’ve used them for. I’ve divided these packages up into several categories:

Data wrangling


I use three different libraries for visualisation:

MVP development

Developing applications to do a thing that shows the interesting data science/modelling work is fun but can be difficult depending on how much customisation I want to be able to have on my webapp. Several packages exist that abstract some of the boring necessary tasks of creating and running a web application.

Service development

Here are some packages I’ve found useful for the purpose of developing backend services.

CI tools

Continuous integration is the attempt to make deploying performant code as smooth as possible. Part of this process involves running tools on code to spot errors that the humans missed. These tools don’t write your code for you, but they help to reduce the frequency and magnitude of errors that occur.