How to practice for coding interviews

Thomas Dickson

2 minute read

This is a page of resources which I’ve found useful in rounding out my computer science knowledge. I had an awakening with one of the first interviews I had when I was looking for work in industry - I was asked a series of questions which I simply didn’t have a clue on, despite having written some tricky code. Well, that was then. The key learning points for me are:

  1. Coding interviews are about solving specific problems which aim to demonstrate knowledge of solving classic computer science problems.
  2. Coding interviews are necessary to filter out candidates who aren’t prepared to put the work in.
  3. Preparing for coding interviews actually makes me a better programmer. The process of specifically practising how to triage and solve problems helps me solve some of the problems I come across in my own work.

Useful books

I’ve found two books to be invaluable:

Useful websites for practising coding problems